TIP2322 Billet Torsion Arm RIght Rear Clear

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size: 4.25 W × 4.50 H × 18.75 L
Weight: 3.25 LBS
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Right Rear Billet Torsion Arm Clear Anodized

CNC machined out of a single solid block of 2024 aluminum, our billet torsion arms have the least deflection of any torsion arm on the market today. By machining them to shape rather than bending them, the structural weakness created by stretching the grain of the aluminum is eliminated, resulting in increased strength and stiffness. Clear anodized for corrosion resistance.

Weight-reducing pockets are machined out of the inside of the arm only. As a result, if tire rub occurs, it won’t chew up the inside surface of the tire. The use of high-strength 2024 aluminum also makes Ti22 torsion arms more resistant to conventional wear. Splines won’t wear out and the torsion arm won’t twist or bend under typical track conditions, making removal and reinstallation easier.

Torsion bar measures 13.25" from center of torsion bar hole to end, with a 5" offset, making it a direct replacement for conventional arms. Comes complete with installation hardware.

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Part Number
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Package Weight
3.25 lbs
Package Length
18.75 in
Package Width
4.25 in
Package Height
4.5 in

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