TIP4000 Titanium Brake Pedal 16-3/4"

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Sprint Car Brake Pedal with 1” Raised Rail – Titanium

Maximize brake feel with minimum weight thanks to high-strength titanium construction. Universal fit design works with virtually all makes and models of sprint cars, with a 16-3/4” total length from chassis pivot to bottom of pedal.  Pedal is 5-1/4” wide with a 1” rise, and features a knurled foot rest for improved grip.

Use of a 1-1/2” heel block is recommended to ensure proper heel-to-pedal spacing.

Tech Specs:

Material: Titanium
Finish: Natural
Overall length: 16-3/4” (chassis pivot to bottom) 
Mounting spacing: 2-1/4" (from center of chassis pivot to center of master cylinder spud)
Pedal width: 5-1/4”
Weight: 0.64 lbs.

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