TIP2389 Torsion Stop Bolt Titanium

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Torsion Stop Bolt with Titanium Nut - Titanium

More durable and only half the weight of steel? Enjoy the advantages of titanium! This lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant bolt and nut set use a 9/16” hex wrench, eliminating the need to have multiple wrench sizes to adjust your stops.

Radiused end on bolt allows for more precise stop adjustments. Both the bolt and nut are titanium, unlike some other options on the market that feature a titanium bolt and an aluminum nut.


Material: Titanium (bolt and nut) 
Finish: None
Size: 7/16x20
Length: 1-3/4" (1/4” turned down)
Wrench size: 9/16” (bolt and nut)
Total weight: 0.60 lbs.

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