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Straight Broach Pitman Arm – Black Anodized Aluminum

Being in synch with your racecar is critical to success on the track. The proper Pitman arm can make a significant difference in how well track and chassis conditions are communicated to the driver.

Our lightweight aluminum Pitman arm has a straight broach optimized for use with newer model GME/Nields and Lee steering gears. Natural aluminum finish offers a high-tech look.

Features a 1-1/8” steering box broach, with drag link mounting holes at 10” and 11” (measured from center of steering box broach to center of drag link hole). Includes pinch bolt.


Material: Aluminum
Finish: Black anodized
Length: 10” and 11” (from center of steering box broach to center of drag link hole)
Broach size: 1-1/8”
Broach angle: 0° (straight)
Offset: 1-3/4” (from broach to drag link hole)
Total weight: 1.2 lbs.

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Package Weight
1.2 lbs
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15.75 in
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4 in
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1 in

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